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Poznań BlaBla Language Exchange

8 listopada - 20:00 - 22:30

🌟🌍 Hi BlaBla Language Exchange lovers!
Join our BlaBla events to meet new folks, forge friendships, and let your tongues wag in different languages! 🗣️🎉🎈!
🆓 Our events are GRATIS, we will not charge you anything, but we kindly request that you order at least 1 beverage to participate🍹🍻. Please, help us keep our sport by showing some love to our gracious host. After all, we’re guests there! 😄
📝 Joining is super easy: Register on our BlaBla website 🖥️, then swing by Facebook for the date & time details. 🗓️✅ And remember, registration is FREE! Don’t be bamboozled by ticket-selling scammers on Facebook! 🚫💸
🔄 We’ve got a special Facebook event tradition: the 20-minute time remix! ⏰✨ Don’t panic if you see the event time change—it’s not a cancellation caper, it’s just a way to keep the same links and everything connected. We’re just saving ourselves some extra work.
🌟😄 Want to help?
– 🤝🎪 Join us as an event organizer (Go to www.blablalanguageexchange.com/join-us )
– 📸 capture awesome memories for Instagram and tag us – @blablalanguage
– 💸 make donations to help us create more incredible events!
No pressure, just endless appreciation! 🙏❤️ Let’s spread joy and make magic happen! 🌟✨🎉
📧 Any questions? Contact us at: blablalanguageexchange@gmail.com
🔗 Register on our website to enter our Whatsapp / Telegram group.
🌐 Want to find a language exchange partner? Here is our way: www.facebook.com/groups/OnLineBlaBlaLanguageExchange
🌍 Interested in us? Follow our BlaBla adventures (travel, events & fun): www.facebook.com/BlaBlaOnTheWay 🚀🌈
See you soon! 🎉🌍🗣️💃🌈